When it comes to maintenance, preservation and restoration of natural stones such as marble, granite, travertine, limestone, onyx or sandstone, nobody beat the vast expertise and in-depth knowledge of MB Stone founder and chairman, Maurizio Bertoli. Recognized within the stone industry both domestically and internationally as one the foremost stone experts, Maurizio was well known for his radical, “out-of-the-box” way of thinking. It is this “no-nonsense” attitude that made him a force to be reckoned with.

“Every stone is different. For example, not all stones can be sealed. Pretending to seal them anyway is not only a total waste of time and money, but just plain WRONG!”

~Maurizio Bertoli

Although MB Stone manufactures a complete line of specialty products for maintenance and preservation of natural stone, Maurizio was dedicated to the principle of “education before any sale”. This means that he refused to perform unnecessary services or sell unnecessary products just to make an extra buck.

His unshakable integrity led Maurizio to rise against the official stone establishment and bring to light, among other issues, many unethical industry wide practices. For example, the use of the word granite to classify a variety of stones not even related to true geological granite. This practice mislead countless consumers into buying stone labeled “granite” and not getting what they paid for. MB STONE continues to work to educate the public and ensure that the stone industry operates fairly and honestly.

To help consumers with their problems and grievances, he created and co-founded marblecleaning.org, which is an advocacy group of consumer and consumers-to-be of natural stone products, and on of the few forums which provided natural stone customers a platform to fight back.

His dedication to the education of stone consumers led him to also develop the world famous “lemon juice (and oil) test” to help consumers avoid industry scams and determine on their own the suitability of certain “granites” and other stones for their specific application.

MB Stone is founded on the principle that a uniform and global set of rules do not apply to the vastly diversified field like natural stone, and that no fancy brochure or easy-to-remember catch phrase can be the substitute for true knowledge and professionalism. It is that belief, along with a profound respect for nature in all its forms, which drove Maurizio to share his knowledge and experience with both industry professionals and the consumer public, and it is this same ideal that continues to drive MB Stone today.

Mankind should master nature by understanding, not by force!