The seminar will span 3 days. Lunch will be provided daily from a local Italian Deli. Class will start each day at 9AM and end at 6PM. For students who have questions or would like additional hands on training, opportunities to stay afterwards with the instructors will be available.

To provide a more conducive learning experience, and to ensure all students have an opportunity to work the equipment, classes will be limited to 8-10 students.

Join us for this one of a kind, interactive training experience.

Stone restoration is not about following static recipes or blocks of instructions. Stone restoration is about thinking on your feet and applying a broad set of fundamental expertise to solve unexpected or previously unseen problems. That is why we believe in a hands on learning experience for all of our students.

A copy of Maurizio Bertoli’s book (the natural stone restoration bible as we refer to it) will be sent out upon enrolling in the class. This will give you a great opportunity for some advanced reading. This invaluable resource is included as a part of your tuition.

We look forward to having you in attendance, If you have questions please call me directly on my cell 201- 446-1200

Stu Rosen


(NOTE: listing is not indicative of the order the training is conducted)

  • Introductions and background
    • Dedication to Maurizio Bertoli (About MB. How and Why the product lines were developed. The mission of MB Stone.
    • Basic petrography (Stone identification and understanding)
  • The Maintenance of Natural Stone (lecture and hands on)
    • Examples and Samples of Machines and Equipment
    • Refinishing Natural Stone-Lippage Removal, Honing, Polishing (to include both dry and wet polishing techniques)
    • Tools of the Trade-What makes it all Happen (Diamonds are not just a girls best friend)
    • Stain Removal (a little Witchcraft)
    • Chip And Crack Repair (floors and counters)
    • Shower Stall Restoration along with caulking and grout repair.
    • Countertop Restoration (Marble, Granite, & Engineered stone.)
    • Terrazzo Refinishing.
    • Intensive Grout Cleaning techniques and equipment
  • How to getting started in the stone restoration industry
    • Pre Qualification of the customer.
    • Marketing, Pricing, Contracts, Advertising, Profiting

All topics Covered will be demonstrated by instructors to show the procedure.
Then students will have the opportunity to get on machines and work what they have been shown for themselves. During this course, each student will fix a crack, polish a vertical and horizontal piece of stone, and hone and polish a floor section using one of our Klindex planetary and/or a Swing machines. And, don’t forget, we will be available after the official end of each days training session for students that wish to get some additional practice and to make sure students have a grasp of everything we covered.


For those who desire even more in depth interaction with our expert trainers, MB STONE now also offers this training as a semi-private class limited to not more than 3 students. It will be 21 hours of instruction presented in a two 10.5 hour or three 7 hour days. These classes will follow the same core topics listed above but in an even more dynamic fashion with lots of hands on training.

The Price for this class will be $1200.00 and Lunch is included each day.
Please call me directly with any questions at 201-446-1200.