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Maintenance Dos ‘n’ Don’ts

The following is the summarized version of our benchmark piece of educational literature: “Maintenance Guidelines for Residential Stone Installation” which is available in the Educational Literature section. This abridged version will not give you all the full breadth of information that you may need, but it’ll give you a “taste” of what’s in store for you!

Does Granite Harbor Bacteria?

Is mercantile granite really a good choice for a kitchen countertop? Confused by all the rumors about the possibility that mercantile granite could harbor bacteria? How did those rumors come about to begin with? The following free article tells you all about it, and what some poor loser “salesmen” wouldn’t viciously say to turn things in their favor.

“Marble Cleaning” Truths and Myths

Most marble owners have a huge misconception when it comes to “marble cleaning”. I would say that 99 percent of the times, most customers don’t really want their marble cleaned at all! They actually want the factory shine that was present when the stone was first installed to be restored. This, my friends, takes a whole lot more then just “cleaning”. To get the details check out this article.

The Bare Truth About Impregnators Sealers

What do the words “stone sealer” bring to your mind? What kind of expectations do you have from such a product? What kind of protection do you think a stone sealer (a.k.a. impregnator) is going to give to your countertop, floor or shower stall? Do you think it will protect or even affect the surface of your stone? Whatever your answers are to the above questions, they are probably wrong! And, if that’s the case, you may make costly decisions based upon your interpretation of the word “sealer” that you might regret! Read the bare truth about stone sealers and the hype surrounding them from none other than the manufacturer of one of the best impregnator/sealers on the market. No one else will ever spell it out for you as done here!

A Good Sealing Job

Does you granite need to be sealed? And if so, how badly does it need the application of an impregnator? Do you think that your fabricator/installer is going to do the proper job? They probably (hopefully) will, but … You’d better read the following free article!

Radon From Granite?! WHOA!!

Do you need to dust your good ol’ lead-suit off before you approach your mercantile granite countertop? Should you run out and purchase a state-of-the-art Geiger counter before selecting your mercantile granite? Read all about what some poor looser “salesmen” have to do to try to steer you from one of the most beautiful products of Mother Nature!

Sealing at ANY Cost – “The New Religion”

The new “religion”: the “Sealing Cult!” “You must seal everything in sight that doesn’t move! And if does move, wait ‘til it’s still and than seal that, too!” The first requirement for the members of the “sealing cult” is to have their brains sealed with massif doses of impregnating/sealer (hopefully our own MB-4!) may the gods forbid that any intelligence had a chance to sink in!

Glass Cleaners and Dish Soap in the Cleaning of Granite Countertops

Are generic cleaning products, such as a glass-cleaner, dish-soap, etc. safe or proper to clean natural stone? Read this free article and then draw your own conclusions!

The Unbiased Truth About Disinfectants/Cleaners

Beware, Common household disinfectants and cleaners (even from well known name brands) are not appropriate for the daily cleaning of your precious natural stone. in fact, they could be very harmful. Read this to find out more before it is too late.