* Stone Countertop Care Essentials

* Stone Countertop Care Essentials


Countertops are a primary feature in rooms like kitchens and bathrooms. With a wide selection of countertop materials, stone is often the preferred choice due to its durability and beauty as a design element. From natural stones like granite or quartzite to engineered stones like quartz, countertops from this material are very resistant, but they do require daily maintenance to keep them fresh and clean. Countertop care is essential since kitchen and bathroom surfaces often come into contact with all kinds of grime, from greasy meals to soap buildup.

Frequent use, along with dirt, can leave your countertop with stains, scratches, or a dulled luster. Stone worktops are an investment in your home, and to maintain it properly, you need to clean it at least once daily with the right cleaning supplies. Finding the perfect cleaner might be a tough task since it needs to balance two important things: to eliminate grime and bacteria efficiently without harming the surface layer. To help you with this, we have compiled a list of countertop care essentials that achieve this delicate balance.

Stone Countertop Care Supplies

1. MB-15 Stone Glow – Surface Cleaner

This product is a pH-neutral cleaner, highly suited for natural stones, and other materials as well, like wood, glass, porcelain, and others. The hard surface cleaner leaves a fresh, streak-free countertop and restores the gleam of the surface layer. The formula contains optical brighteners for an enhanced finish. MB-15 Stone Glow can find use in both residential and professional environments, and it is safe for everyday application. You can choose between a quart-sized spray bottle or a gallon-sized bottle. All in all, this multipurpose cleaner is an efficient tool that removes dirt efficiently, dries quickly, and supports that neat sheen.


2. MB-17 Stone Wipes – Natural Stone Cleaning Wipes

Perhaps the best choice for a quick wipe-up of natural stone slabs. Cleaning wipes are a convenient tool to have in your cleaning supplies collection. Suitable for both natural-occurring and engineered stones, the wipes are impregnated with an effective ammonia-free formula that delivers polished results. You can use it to get rid of all types of dust, grime, streaks, or fingerprints, leaving a sparkling surface behind. This product is perfect for quick touch-ups between thorough cleaning sessions. Also, cleaning up with wipes is a hassle-free method that doesn’t require other tools or cleaners.


3. MB-26 Scrub – Soap Scum Cleaner

A bathroom edition cleaning essential that effectively removes soap scum, grime, and water deposits. Performs excellent on elegant stones like granite and honed marble, with the inclusion of metal surfaces and glass. However, this recommendation does not extend to polished marble. You can use it to restore all types of surfaces in the bathroom, from glass shower doors to faucets and natural stone countertops. With this stone cleaner, you can eliminate even the most resistant soap buildup and hard water stains. The product comes with a diamond-shaped scrubbing pad. With this powerful duo, you can rejuvenate almost all of the surfaces you come across in a bathroom.


4. Disinfect & Protect Kit – Disinfectant Sprays with Microfiber Towels

This set contains everything you need to keep household surfaces germ-free and destroy harmful microorganisms.

The kit includes:

  • Quart of AIRx Spray N Go Disinfectant
  • Quart of Penetrexx Antimicrobial
  • Two MB Stone Microfiber towels

AIRx Spray N Go Disinfectant is perfect for medical facilities due to its germ-killing and deodorizing abilities. You can use the spray on hard surfaces like countertops to efficiently remove dust, grime, odors, food debris, blood, and organic substances in medical environments. The spray’s top functions are general cleaning, disinfection, and replacing odors with a fresh scent. You can use it on stone surfaces, except for marble.

Penetrexx Antimicrobial is an EPA-registered disinfectant with a one-of-a-kind formula that cuts the risk of cross-contamination with bacteria, mold, algae, yeast, etc.

The disinfectant sprays, paired with the microfiber towels, make a great addition to stone care products.


5. 5 Inch Bonastre Pads – Polishing Discs

The Bonastre Pads are color-coded polishing discs that work well with multiple stone surfaces like marble, limestone, or travertine. The eco-friendly discs pair with different pieces of equipment like scrubbers, low-speed polishers, or manual polishers. By using only water, you can achieve a dazzling shine, which you can enhance by adding a polishing powder to the last step. The color-coded pads go in this order:

  1. Red. You start by using the red polishing disc to remove minor damages like scratches and hard water stains.
  2. Yellow. Next, the yellow pad prepares and polishes the surface.
  3. Green. The last step includes polishing with the green disc, which adds a natural mirror-like gleam to the surface layer and an anti-slip effect.


6. Magic Renova Manual Kit – Polishing Kit

The polishing kit is an eco-friendly set of tools, convenient for polishing hard-to-reach spots. It works best on lighter stone nuances. The only ingredient you need is water to get that mirror sheen and anti-slip outcome. You can use it on marble, but it is not for granite. The Magic Renova Manual Kit consists of:

  • Four pieces of Magic Renova Sandpaper:

1. Red, to get rid of acid stains and scratches.

2. Orange, for scratches and preparation.

3. Yellow, for a matte or satin finish.

4. Blue, for a highly glossy finish.

  • Bonastre Green Pad, for a mirror-like finish.
  • Sandpaper and pad holder.
  • Step-by-step instructions.


7. Countertop Gift Basket – Stone Care Products

The gift basket includes a decent range of stone care products, from wipes to cleaners. It contains all the essentials you need for countertop care. You can gift this basket to family members or friends who appreciate the beauty of elegant stones in their homes. The Countertop Gift Basket includes:

  • Quart of MB-5 Stone & More Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • Two 4 oz Bottles of MB-13 Stone Shine Spray Polish
  • B-17 Stone Wipes Multi-Surface Cleaner
  • MB-19 Stainless Steel Wipes Cleaner
  • Two Micro Fiber Towels
  • Small Cutting Board
  • Basket


These essentials can satisfy all stone countertop care needs. From disinfecting and polishing, we have covered every aspect of countertop care you might want to explore.