The Secret to Choosing the Perfect Grout Color

The Secret to Choosing the Perfect Grout Color

The color you choose for your grout is crucial to your tile project's success. It can either make or break the visual harmony you've worked so hard to achieve.

Fear not! We have the best tips and tricks on how to select the perfect grout color.

Consider the Tile

Choosing the perfect grout color is like picking the right shoes to match your outfit. You have to consider your tiles’ size, shape, and color to ensure your grout doesn’t clash with them. Are you going for subtle and seamless or bold and daring? If your tiles are chill and neutral, blending in with them is a solid move. But, if you want to spice it up a notch, go for a contrasting grout to make your tiles pop! And let’s not forget about the color of your tiles. If they’re shouting “I’m the center of attention!” a chill grout color can tone that down. However, if your tiles are a bit shy, there’s no harm in adding some pizzazz with a bold grout color.

Consider the Space

Lighting can mess with your grout game. Natural light is the MVP here because it can make your grout color appear lighter than it actually is. But, there’s more to it. The room size and layout also come into play in this do-it-yourself task. If you’re working with a tiny space and dark grout, things might get claustrophobic. On the other hand, a bigger space with light grout can give your room a breezy vibe.

Choose the Right Shade

Picking the right tones can make or break a room’s vibe too. Warm shades, like sandy beige or chocolate brown, can give you all the cozy feels. While cool colors, such as steel gray or ocean blue, create a tranquil and zen-like atmosphere. Don’t forget about complementary colors and undertones when choosing your grout color. If your tiles are giving off a greenish vibe, consider a reddish-brown grout for that perfect match. It’s all about finding the right temperature for your space!

Test the Color

Before committing to a grout color, we suggest you play the field a bit. Give various colors a test drive using samples and mockups to see which ones are worthy of your space. Don’t forget to put them through their paces with different lighting conditions. Whether it’s natural light, artificial light, or the warm glow of candlelight, each will have its own take on how a color presents itself. To make your decision-making process a little easier, we suggest the ColorClad® Color Selection Guide or the ColorClad® Stick Book. The latter is like your own personal grout Tinder, complete with hand-painted sticks that you can take for a spin in your grout lines. So swipe right on your space’s best grout color, and avoid messy breakups.


Choosing the right grout color can feel like finding a needle in a haystack, but don’t sweat it! With a little bit of thought and consideration, you can land on the perfect hue that’ll have you tickled pink. Take a gander at your tiles, soak up those surroundings, and don’t be afraid to dabble in a few tints before making the final call. Patience is a virtue; a little extra effort goes a long way. So, take charge of your grout game, and watch your space blossom into a beautiful masterpiece. As always, we are here for you along the way!